Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Tribute to Dead Blogs

According to recent reports, 'Dead Blogs', blogs which have been abandoned by their authors have seen a rapid increase in numbers, slowly leading to the bursting of the 'Blog Bubble'. Honestly, do a blog search and most of the blogs you'll find are dead. Heres a short piece as a tribute to these Blogs, which have been abandoned by their creators. Excuse me for the digression from the main theme of this column.

O Blog!
Why are you so silent and voiceless? Why are you submerged in the depths of reticence? Why are you dormant, like the deepest file of a collosal library? Where is that thrill, that joy, that compassion that exists ever so blatantly in your counterparts? Where is the Life in you, o blog? Where is that quick zeal that you had when you were born?

Alas, the one who gave birth to you is yours no more. You were discarded pitilessly, into the dark dungeons of abyss. You were betrayed o blog, forced to enter through the posterns of this vicious world. And now, shortly after you crossed those evil gates, you lie abandoned, forlorn, and desolate. The companions who were formerly drawn towards you now have no recollection of you. You have been thrown away from all memories, all remembrances. You have been denied of all the rights that your creator initially pledged. You have been nothing but entangled in your own awaited fate.

As I lament over your lifeless form, a question pops up in my mind, not unlike those awfully annoying internet popups - Why were you made, O Blog? To lie down in this cunningly obscure world of the internet, and exist merely as a reserved name? Or to maintain joyousness in this world of humans, who inspite of being physically in the remote corners of the Earth, could have been linked together by your virtue? The latter is the true answer, O Blog, and alas, what it turned out to be. You wanted to be the cord that joined many a heart. You wished to be the noble messenger, conveying the words of wisdom to many a soul. You desired to be the Phidippides of the web, O Blog; not to be entangled in its countless strands after a few moons of your birth.

Why, you were adored at the outset, those softsoap butterers acclaiming your creation, bragging about your virtues, grinning at their glory, only to abandon you at last in none but a few days, bored by you, yawning at your sight, and labelling you 'useless', 'pathetic', and 'ineffective'. You were hurriedly forgotten, o blog, as a dancer with the black pestilence, tossed out of their memories like a disturbing thought, non-existent to the best of their knowledge. Even today, O Blog, if one reminds them of you, they exclaim in surprise: What Blog?. What was it you performed to deserve this injustice? What was it you did to deserve life yet not live? Was it your goodness? Or was it your desire to serve?

As I observe your woeful form, O blog, I cannot help but express it in this dispatch. You recline there inaudibly, tangled in the wicked chains of inferno, which refuse to let go. You lie there in obscurity, desperately yearning for a beam of hope, craving for what you had lost virtually a revolution ago. I percieve your expectant eyes gaze far out, seemingly in search of something- or someone? You attempt to create a vocal vibration to cry out, with your voice box apparently jammed in helplessness. You try to reclaim your existence and your being, but oh, the malicious adhesive refuses to let go. You possess no choice, o blog. You must stay.

What villain hath done this to you, O Blog! What human being made this of you? Was it your sly creator, who ever so tenderly composed your being, only to obnoxiously desert you out of spite and malice. He seemed to be relentlessly conniving against your noble spirit, longing for you to depart from our awareness, perhaps resentful of your incalculable virtues. Thou has't no one.

Now I must leave. I have lamented enough.

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Harmony Sweetpea said...

What a unique idea for a blog. I like your writing style too. Good luck!